Faith Is the Bonus

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Faith Is the Bonus

A big tear welled up in her eyes as she stood before him. She was by anyones definition beautiful. /brunette/">brunette, /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts that stood on there own. Legs long and firm despite impending middle age. She was still in her 30s but on the back side. But it was her face that made everyone who saw her stop and look again. Hers was a killer smile that made the room freeze when she flashed it. The only piece to the puzzle missing was her personality. Shed been a shrew as long as anyone could remember. She had been the type who would look for a reason to blame every and anyone for her pathetic life choices. 3 kids, 2 husbands and the second was a complete loser. When the 2 were seen together the question in their minds would be why would someone so beautiful be with such a piece of shit and that he was. Medium height, with a decided belly and no apparent skills. Terminally unemployed or hatching some scheme to freeload. But if you knew them youd know why they stayed together. She was such a complete bitch no one could stand her. 

That all changed after an eventfilled /party/">party in which she was slightly drunk and bitter and hateful about her situation. The right guy came along and one thing led to another and in the back yard of a fellow worker she was seduced. Hed let some friends know what he had in mind so that they would look out for anyone coming. The party was loud and the house lit up but the yard was shrouded in darkness and hed fucked the living hell out of her right there in the lawn. When he rolled off of her she was completely sated with lust. Her husband was a dead fuck and she needed what this guy had given her. What she hadnt been prepared for was the friends joining the fun. No sooner had her chosen lover rolled off of her was he being replaced by his friends. She was still on her back with her legs spread wide hoping for more but not from another man. Number 2 was in her and pounding before she knew what happened and then he was replaced by the other friend. In no time word had spread and she remained that way much of the night, spread that it. It was not a frat house type situation. These men were almost professional in the way they used her. Quiet and steady, each taking their turn and then doing their part to keep her husband and assorted wives from catching on. The evening ended and her dumb ass husband was elated on the drive home thinking all these men were enamored with him and his stories. She sat quietly listening to him thinking her life was ruined but not caring anymore. The only thing that had really changed was shed blown half her office and fucked them as well so to add to her woes she was now a slut, but she was drunk enough not to care.

That had been several months ago. During the months that followed that night she fell prey twice more. Once at another party in which she could claim shed been drunk but really wasnt and then at her office after work where she was simply raped by the male staff in an after hours meeting. That last time shed fought and resisted but to no avail. They still raped her and this time they put it on film. To prevent them from raping her /asshole/">asshole she begged them to let her suck them each off. She was unaware of the camera rolling and with careful editing it showed her as the aggressor and them merely enjoying her sluttiness. They fucked white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie her asshole anyway and both her other orifices repeatedly that afternoon and then explained her situation. She was taped begging them to let her suck their cocks and then getting the shit fucked out of her so unless she wanted everyone to see the tape, including all the parents at her daughters school, not to mention her kids as well she was do as she was told by her boss.

That leads us to today. Standing before her boss who was seated in his chair behind his desk. He was turned to face her. 
"Lift your skirt please Faith." He ordered. She complied and exposed her white lacy panties for his viewing pleasure. She was not allowed to wear panty hose to work anymore to avoid the inconvenience of removing them if he wanted to fuck her, which he did often.

He reached up and unceremoniously pulled them down. She stepped out of them as they reached the floor and his finger was lodged into her hole just as unceremoniously. She was damp and he slid right in.

"You like being treated like a whore dont you?" He asked
"NO!" He word was forceful but in a raspy quiet voice.
"Then why is your /wet/pussy-wet/">pussy wet you slut?" He said as he sawed 2 digits in and out of her pussy. He liked to look at her cunt as he finger fucked her. She had the prettiest cunt he could remember seeing in his 50 years. She trimmed it but not obscenely like a porn star. It was neat and the lips were meaty and full. 

He withdrew his fingers and directed her to turn and bend over desk so he could fuck her. She hated the way he spoke to her. Like a common whore on the street. It was as if he took pleasure in her humiliation. He did. 

As if reading her mind he said "You dont like the way I talk to you do you?"
"No." Was her only word again as she bent onto his desk. She felt her skirt lifted and tossed onto her back as he fumbled to get his cock out.
"To /bad/">bad. Im gonna fill your tight little asshole with dick this afternoon and then if youre real nice Im gonna have you suck the slop off of it when Im done." His words were harsh to her ears as he shoved his cock into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. His dick was big and her body responded involuntarily. After 2 minutes of hard pounding she was moaning quietly, trying not to be heard outside his office.
"You like dick dont you?" He taunted her as he rutted in and out.
"Yes." Again a one word answer only this time because she was busy cumming.
"You want that dick in your ass dont you?" Again he taunted her as he pulled free of her cunt.
"NO!" He knew she hated getting it up the ass not so much because it hurt but because it was degrading.

She felt the head of his dick poking at her asshole and tried her best to relax to the inevitable. As he fed it inch by inch to her asshole the door to his office opened and she covered her face in complete embarrassment as his secretary entered. It was the /first-time/">first time theyd been caught and she was mortified but the secretary acted as if nothing was wrong. She set some paper on his desk as he continued to fuck his cock into her asshole. As he bottomed out in her ass the secretary returned to the door only instead of leaving she locked it. She walked back to the desk and stood before Faith and put a finger under her chin tilting her head as she spoke to her.

"He told me hed be fucking you in the ass and I didnt believe him. It looks like it hurts, does it?" She asked in a little girl voice almost as humiliating as the taunts her boss leveled at her earlier. 
Faith had little energy to answer as the assault was increasing and all she could do was grunt as each thrust felt like it went deeper. Her eyes closed as she endured her degradation. When she opened them she saw the secretary standing before her naked from the waist down. The woman grabbed Faith by the hair leaned forwards as she guided Faiths mouth to her waiting pussy. The position was awkward but the affect was accomplished as Faith was forced to eat pussy. This she hated. But she did what she was forced to do. The woman before her grinded her pelvis forcing her cunt to rub up and down Faiths nose, mouth and chin. In a matter of a few seconds her face was soaked in pussy juice.

She felt her boss tighten up and thrust hard a few times and knew he just dumped his cum into her bowels.

"Connie, take her over to the couch and let her finish you while I take care of some business." He directed the secretary. He left the office to the vision of Faith on her knees in front of his secretary whose legs were spread wide as Faith ate out her pussy. It was erotic.

Faith was unaware that the business he went to take care of was to systematically send all the women in the building home. He was discreet and few caught on but some knew what was up just from rumours theyd heard. They knew it would be something to do with Faith and her being a slut. When he returned to the office he found his secretary still on the couch but now Faith was suckling one of her titties and fondling the other. When she was done satisfying the Connnie she was handed a coat and led out the office door. She didnt notice the looks of the male staff as she was led to the service elevator. As they descended he told her what was in store. "I think the boys in the warehouse are due a bonus of some sort and Ive decided youre it." He said as the door opened to a dozen or so men waiting for a meeting theyd been told to attend. As they stepped off the elevator her boss pulled the coat from her shoulders and lifted her skirt to show the men her pussy.

"Gentlemen, youve been doing a great job lately and Faith would like to show our appreciating by entertaining you for the next couple of hours. Well call it your quarterly ancillary training. No rough stuff and no marks. She is a lady. All holes are open for business. If you chose not to take part you are free to take the rest of the day off." No one moved. They stood before their boss in shock.
"She has to wear her clothes home so be careful with them." He finished and they stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv still just stared.

Knowing they were uncertain he reached down and shoved a finger into her cunt.
"Boys, Ive already fucked her up the ass, are you just going to stand there or is someone going to get started?" He asked in mocking tone.

That broke the ice as a few stepped forward and started to undress her. Her blouse was pulled over her head and the bra thrown to the floor while her shirt was undone and dropped. She was now naked. They layed her out on some cardboard someone produced and before a few minutes had passed she was being fucked. They didnt bother to undress, they just dropped trou and planted their dicks in her one at a time until someone got industrious enough to suggest turning her over onto her hands and knees so she could service 2 cocks at once. She didnt enjoy what she was made to do. They fucked her mouth and her pussy until someone decided to shove it up her ass without warning. She wailed at the sudden pain and everyone gather around to watch. Most mens wives didnt let them /fucking/ass-fuck/">ass fuck them so the novelty got them all going again and she was subjected to another round only this time up her ass. She tasted her own juices as she continued to suck one after the other cock placed before her. She tasted the bitter vile from her asshole as some took pleasure in making her suck them clean. She was startled at the recovery powers of a few who kept using her again and again. They were not granted access to all of their wives holes so this was a treat to take full advantage of. She was beyond blowing them by now. Now they simply fucked her face and got deepthroated with each thrust as she nearly passed out a few time from a lack of air. As the last man climbed off of her she stayed in position waiting for another. When no more came she collapsed on the floor. The men were falling all over themselves thanking the boss as he helped her to her feet and gathered her clothing. He made pleasant conversation with them until the elevator doors closed.

With no compassion whatsoever he pushed the stop butto on the elevator and undid his pants.

"That was pretty hot watching you pull a train. Suck me off real quick before go home." He said as he held his dick in his hand and guided her to her knees with the other. She robotically complied and he shot a load all over her face before leting the elevator continue.