Discipline Correspondant 01

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Discipline Correspondant 01

The Discipline Correspondence School.

The /submissive/">submissive woman after searching the internet located an interesting site. She could not believe her eyes, it was exactly what she was looking for discipline orientated site that would actually tailor its levels to the Sub.

Eagerly she joined and filled out her Submissive questionnaire. The next few hours were exquisite torture for her, what would be her first lesson. And would she be able to complete the tasks, if not what would they demand as a punishment.

Eventually she checked her email account and eagerly opened the email marked ”FIRST LESSON”.

It read:”

Here is the first lesson in your Discipline correspondence!


As your correspondence /master/">master, you will follow my exact directions or face the fury of my displeasure.


Freshly shave your cunt, and then shower douche both your cunt and arse. Dress in a light summer frock, preferably one which buttons down the front and comes no lower than 8 inches above the knee. You will spend the next few hours meditating about your recent slutty behaviour. You will stop playing with yourself for a period of 24 hrs, but will read at least 3 erotic stories during this period. 


Further more only after 2 hours have elapsed from the last story you read, you will insert the handle of your hairbrush in to your pussy. Fuck yourself with it until on the verge of Cumming. You will not however cum. You may remove the hairbrush, you will need it later.

You will then un button your frock, expose your body in the privacy of your own bed room and take a ping pong bat apply six slaps on each cheek with sufficient force to cause your cheeks to flush pink and become warm to the touch.

Take your bat with you, remove your frock stand naked in the corner, and face into the corner on tiptoe with your lips (Mouth) touching the wall. Wait there 10 minutes and then apply a further 3 slaps harder than before on your cheeks. After this you may come off your tiptoes, you will then turn around pressing your red cheeks tightly to the wall and taking the hairbrush handle in your hand, use the back of the hairbrush to spank your cunt lips. Apply six such strokes hard enough to tingle.

All the time your standing in the free porn movies download corner you must repeat to yourself ”I am a very naughty little slut, My Master is right to punish me. I must stop thinking about sucking and fucking Cocks”

Remain standing in the corner for a further 30 minutes.


Reflect upon the reason you were punished in this manner, confess your recent sins and explain why you are genuinely sorry for your outrageous behaviour in flashing innocent people. Reflect on why you do this.



Email me extracts of your diary on how you feel being told to self punish yourself in this manner, your feelings and thoughts should also be included”


Await my replies and pleasure/displeasure.

This ends your first lesson and I expect a detailed diary to be in my email tray within 48 hours. 

Her Reply.

Master, I enclose the extracts of my diary for your viewing. Please do not think too badly of me.

Diary entry.

In the last two weeks I have sucked six cocks, in an adult theatre. This has happened on three occasions, the shop owner now lets me have free viewing in the boxes as he knows that his male customers pay extra to get the box either side of mine. I only seem to come alive with a fully hard male member stuck in my mouth trying to get down into my stomach.

I was almost caught flashing to two old men, on Saturday, in the Mall. God I thought one of them was going to have a heart attack. His face went quite red, and he had difficulty breathing. I managed to avoid the security guard by ducking through a loading bay door and out the back. I don't know whether its fact I was flashing or the fact that I almost got caught, but I was so hot and my pussy yearned for my fingers. I had three strong orgasms when I reached home.

I know now I need to be made to stop because I feel that I can not prevent this being repeated by myself. The thrills get better with each daring thing I do! I am sure if unchecked I will try streaking through the mall and probably get caught on purpose.

The thought of being in a closed room stark naked with the arresting security officer, while he tries to get my details from me enthralls me no end. I could imagine the security officers offering to cut a deal to fuck me in exchange for letting me go. The thought of having to surrender my full hd xvideo download cunt or ass in order to avoid the public scandal of a 30 year old woman being charged with streaking, is already making my cunt tingle.

These images flashing through my mind, Master, make me want and need an understanding but firm man to take total control of my body.

Please Master tell me what I should do?

/slave/slave-girl/">slave girl Tammy.

My Reply was as follows:”

Hi Tammy,

You really are a slutty /girl/naughty-girl/">naughty girl, in order to purge these thoughts from your minds eye; you will follow the following instructions. To the letter, mind.

You will go shower, make sure your cunt is properly shaved and taking bright red lipstick, write just above your cunt ”I AM A SLUT”. Then you will take your two favourite /toys/">toys and stick on up your arse, and the second up your cunt, use what ever means you need to, to hold them in place but your Cunt must be still on display.

Your tits should be spanked using the paddle or ping-pong bat and then three spring loaded clothes pegs should be attached as close to your nipple as possible, repeat the same to the other breast. 

When this is completed, turn on both toys and then go stand outside in your back garden for an hour. Don't forget to add this to your diary.

Your Master.

Next day.

Hi Master,

I carried out your wishes, but again nearly got caught as my neighbour heard a noise and came into his back garden with a flashlight. I managed to hide behind a bush till he went back in.

My desires to steak, Master, seem much less today. Although I was naughty last night making myself come thinking of what would have happened if my neighbour would have found me. He is a school /teacher/">teacher so I could not help but imagine the discipline he would have inflicted upon my quivering body.

Master as I write this, my cunt aches to be played with, my nipples are already hard. I fear the dark of the night as my desires seem so much stronger during those hours.

I know I am not worthy, Master, but if only you could come to me and restrain me during the darkness hours, preventing me from giving in to my weaknesses.

Your Slave Tammy.

Slave Tammy,

You really are testing my patience, as tomorrow is Saturday; you will present your self to me out side the war memorial in St James Park, at 3 pm sharp. You will be wearing a skirt no longer than 8 inches in length. You will be wearing a semi transparent blouse; no /underwear/">underwear is to be allowed. However you will make sure your wearing clip on earrings on each of your nipples.

I will then escort you to a more private place and will issue instructions once there.

This is non negotiable and must be undertaken, no excuses or delays. A word of warning, do not be late or incur my displeasure.

Your Master.