Marine Corps Tale Of All Tails Justins Awakening

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Marine Corps Tale Of All Tails Justins Awakening

For the next three months, the Gunny and Justin shared their room on the base, having sex at least three times a day. Justin fell in love with sucking the Gunny’s cock, but more so, he became absolutely addicted at having his ass pummeled by the Gunny’s /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock. Every morning, Justin found himself in various positions having his ass hammered. During their lunch break, he was in the Gunny’s office, ass hiked up, and the Gunny slamming his beefy meat in and out of his more than willing bung hole. When their work day ended, the two men were in their room with the Gunny savagely cramming his cock into Justin’s magical anal kingdom. Often times, at night, they would enjoy at least two more ass pounding sessions before falling off to sleep.

The Gunny simply couldn’t get enough of Justin and Justin couldn’t get enough of the Gunny’s cock. Justin also loved all the body hair that the Gunny’s body offered. When they were not having sex, Justin constantly thought about it. No matter what he was doing at the time, his mind kept on replaying their wonderful sex sessions. The Gunny was having the same thoughts as well and often times pinched himself to see if all that was happening was in fact for real.

The higher ups somehow discovered their living arrangements and basically gave the Gunny an ultimatum. Justin had to leave his room and now the Gunny searched for another room for Justin to reside in. Naturally, they were both extremely disappointed, but they both understood. Justin’s new room was on the bottom floor and he was a bit excited to find out that he didn’t have a roommate. The Gunny helped Justin move his belongings into the new room and initiated the new room by bending Justin over the bed and filling his ass with thick wads of Marine Corps cream.

By no means was Justin a loner for he got along well the other Marines in his platoon, but as far as a sexual appetite for any of them goes, none of them actually fell into his preference. Yeah, he would often steal a glance at their crotches, but other than that, that was it. As the days turned into weeks, Justin grew hornier than ever. Justin and the Gunny’s sexual encounters began dwindling as time went on. It wasn’t by any of their own actions that minimized their meetings, it was the Marine Corps and its traditions.

Their sexual encounters had reduced themselves to sometimes once, maybe, twice a week. Justin craved more and he grew tired of laying in his bed and jacking his cock into a sperm shooting frenzy. He wanted, better yet, he needed to feel a cock in his mouth and a cock pile driving his ass. So, being that it was a Friday, Justin decided to treat himself to a night out on the town. As he always had done, Justin unscrewed the cap off the enema bottle and filled the remainder up with his coconut oil. Once he ensured himself that he was thoroughly cleaned out, he stepped into the shower and took a rather long shower. After toweling off, he brushed his teeth, then began searching his clothes for the proper attire. He just didn’t want to put anything on, he wanted to look sexy in hopes of feeding his sexual cravings.

Being that it was summer, Justin decided to put on a white fish net tank top and a pair of super short cut-off jeans. Slipping his white ankle socks on, Justin then put on his white Nike tennis shoes and called a cab. He stood outside on the street and a few minutes later, the cab pulled up and Justin hopped in. The cab driver looked back at Justin and asked, ’Where to?’ Justin smiled, then angelically said, ’I’m not really sure sir, but somewhere in town will be fine I guess.’ The cab driver was a huge black man in his late forties with a large scruffy beard and a raspy voice. The driver, still looking into Justin’s eyes shot back, ’Young man, I’ve been driving Marines around for over 20 years and if there is something you want to accomplish, just tell me and I’ll make it happen.’ After a brief silence, the cab driver blurted out, ’Look man, you are either looking for some pussy or you are out for dick, either way, I am sure I can help you. Besides, the way you are dressed, I don’t think you are going to have a problem getting anything. So, what’s it gonna be?’

The cabby could see Justin’s facial expression as the young Marine appeared to be confused or afraid to tell him, so he whispered, ’Look guy, I aint no Marine. If you’re gay and out looking for some dick, I can take you to a nice spot. Believe me, you aint the first Marine to sit back there who was afraid to tell me you want some cock. By the way, my name’s Alfred. (Justin nervously whispered his name) Okay Justin, you can tell me anything and you don’t have to be afraid either. So, let’s get things moving along and open that pretty mouth of yours and tell me what’s it gonna be.’

Justin was more than a bit nervous, but he managed to squeak out, ’I’m gay sir and I don’t know where to go where nobody will rat me out being gay sir.’ Alfred smacked his lips, then shot back, ’Hell, don’t you worry none, Old Alfred here knows everything and I got a place in mind I will take you to. Shit, I even know the owner and maybe I can even persuade him to let you in. At this club, the customers must be 21 or over, but I got a pretty good feeling he’ll make an exception for you.’ As Alfred said the last word, he shot Justin a wink and began to drive.

They had just left the base and was driving in town when Alfred perked up and spoke, ’I aint gay or nothing like that. I got me some good pussy waiting at home for me, but Justin, if I was gay, let me tell you I’d do anything and everything I could to jump your mother fucking bones! Yeah, yes sir I would, in a fucking heartbeat!’ After a brief silence, Alfred spoke again, ’Shit, wish I could be a fly on the wall when those guys see you walk in. I bet every cock in the house is gonna get ball busting hard. You just be careful in there, you hear me? Don’t just settle for anyone inside! You don’t drink to much either, you hear me? You take my card and you call me anytime when you want to leave and I’ll come get you and make sure you get back to the base safely. Yea, them guys are gonna be in for a real treat tonight!’

20 minutes later, they pulled in behind a large building and Alfred parked right in front of the rear entrance. Justin could see some guy sitting on a barstool who was obviously checking ID’s. Each time the rear door opened, the music from inside came propelling out into the parking lot. Alfred leaned his face towards Justin and said, ’You sit here for a minute and let old Alfred go talk with the owner.’ With that being said, Alfred got out of the cab and walked inside. Alfred had been gone for about 10 heart felt minutes, but when he exited the rear door, he was accompanied by a guy who looked to be in his early fifties. Alfred opened the rear door, pointing at Justin and said, ’This here is milf porn videos Justin and it’s his first time. Justin, this here is Tom and he owns the place. The two strangers shook hands, but it was Tom who felt a powerful surge of electricity shoot through his body as their flesh actually touched.

Justin got out of the cab and it was all Tom could do to not drop to his knees and devour the young Marine standing before him. Tom’s roaming eyes danced gleefully within their sockets as he admired the total beauty which was now gracing his eyes and making his heart pound to the tune of a million drums. Justin’s bluer than blue eyes glistened entrancingly against the building lights and the mild darkness of the sky. As Tom stood there, entranced at such beauty, his legs began to shake.

After a very brief discussion, Tom had no problem letting Justin in. Justin figured Tom stood about an even six foot and weighed around the 200 pound range. His hair was balding and what was left was turning grey. Alfred said his goodbye’s and Tom and Justin walked inside. This was Justin’s first time ever being inside a bar, much less, a gay bar. It was dark inside and Tom already had told Justin that his eyes would soon adjust to the darkness and everything would be fine.

The place was packed with guys milling around, and unbeknownst to Justin, all eyes zeroed in on him. Tom told the bartender to give Justin anything he wanted and that his money was no good here tonight. Tom looked at Justin, then almost in a shouting manner, said, ’Tonight’s on me Justin. Go look around and have some fun. If you have any problems, you just come tell me and I’ll take care of it.’ Justin ordered a beer and once he had his drink, he started walking around, taking in everything his eyes could see.

It was like a kid being set free in a candy store, and Justin was going to take full vantage of it. He saw guys dancing, others were sitting at tables, and a lot of guys were just standing in various places watching whatever they chose to look at. Justin did see a bunch of guys that definitely sparked his interests. He also saw groups of guys close to his own age who hung out with their own specific age group. Those guys did absolutely nothing for Justin cause his only desire was with older men. He couldn’t explain why that was so, but that’s just the way it was, and is!

A few more beers later, Justin was now seated on one of the barstools at the bar. The guy immediately to his left blurted out, ’That blowjob porn videos sure is one lucky barstool!’ Justin smiled then politely asked, ’Why is that sir?’ The stranger replied, ’Well, if I may be so bold as to say that you are in possession of the most perfect butt any, and I mean any, man could ever hope to dream of.’ Justin accepted that as a compliment and gave his polite thanks. As their conversation continued, Justin found out that his name is Ken, and he is 58 years old, and the life partner of Tom, the owner. The longer they talked, the more Justin found Ken to be irresistible. Justin also found it interesting to know that they were lovers and that Tom is white and Ken is black.

The two sat their and indulged themselves with their casual conversation when Tom walked up and wrapped his arms around his lovers chest, and quickly said, ’Well, I see you two are acquainted.’ Ken leaned his head to the right and gave his lover a tender peck on the lips, then said, ’Yes, we met and what a find indeed.’ The three of them continued their conversation when Tom stated, ’It’s too loud in here. Why don’t we go in the office where we wont have to yell!’

Tom led the way, followed by Ken, then Justin picked up the rear. While he walked in behind Ken, Justin got a good visual of his backside. Ken must have stood a good 6’5’ and had to tip the scale close to, or if not more, than 275 pounds. He was by no means heavyset either. From what Justin could tell, Ken looked like he lived in a gym. Tom also looked as though he spent a lot of time in the gym as well. Once inside the office, Justin couldn’t believe just how quiet things were. The music barely penetrated the walls and they were able to talk without having to shout.

Justin took in the office, noting that there was a leather love seat to his left side, a large desk where Tom was seated, and two more chairs in front of the desk, one in which Ken was now seated. Justin could also see an open door that must lead into a bathroom. Justin sat down next to Ken who was immediately to his right. All three had their drinks in their hands, but it was Tom who spoke first, ’Justin, have you ever been with two men before?’ Justin quickly replied, ’No sir!’ Then Ken spoke, ’Have you ever been with a black man before?’ Once again, Justin announced, ’No sir! I’ve only been with one guy sir.’ Tom blurted, ’Ken, I wish you would stop with that color shit! Color aint got a damn thing to do with it, and you know that! The bottom line here is that we have this young Marine beauty right here, and we’re just trying to see if he’d like to have a threesome with us, and that’s it!’

Ken agreed, then apologized to Justin. Justin’s cock was already hard just thinking of the possibility of a threesome with Ken and Tom. Taking another swig of his beer, Justin smacked his lips, then as softly as his angelic voice would go, said, ’I’d like to try it if in you guys want me.’ Tom chuckled, then bellowed, ’Want you? Want you? For Christ’s sake Justin, I almost blew a load when I first saw you. What about you Ken?’ Ken chuckled as well, then said, ’I’m with Tom on that one. Justin, when you look in the mirror, all you’ll ever see is yourself, however, when others look at you, all they see is heavenly beauty!’

Tom initiated things by standing up and began unbuttoning his shirt. As his shirt flew open, Justin saw the mass of greying curls littering Tom’s muscular chest and stomach. Ken stood up and quickly unbuttoned his shirt. Ken’s chest was rather smooth, but his muscles burned holes into Justin’s wandering eyes. Justin’s body began shaking as he watched both men unfasten their pants. Tom not only peeled down his pants, but he yanked down his underwear as well. Tom’s cock sprang forth like a powerful weapon, yielding itself a good 7 inches from his body. It had a slight downwards angle right in the middle of one very thick shaft. For a brief second, Justin realized that Tom’s cock wasn’t as long as the Gunny’s, but it was a little bit thicker. The large mushroom head was a tad thicker than the shaft and the gaping piss slit was steadily pumping out pre-cum by the gallons. Tom’s hairy balls also swung down from his body a good six inches and offered the appearance of two very large sized chicken eggs.

Turning his head to his right, Justin’s mouth immediately fell open when he witnessed Ken stepping out of his pants and underwear. His cock jutted from his muscle toned body a whopping 9 1/2 to 10 inches and equalled Tom’s thickness to boot. Unlike Tom or the Gunny, Ken’s cock was uncut and the foreskin concealed the giant bulbous cock head completely. Ken’s cock head was a good two inches thicker than his already beefy shaft and it too had a slight downwards arch in the middle of the thick dark shaft. In the eyes of Justin, the /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock throbbing to his right looked like a smaller version of a black telephone pole. Ken’s balls were of equal size to those of Tom’s with vast curls of black pubic hair. Sitting in the chair, Justin questioned himself as to what he had just got himself into. Two men, both strangers at best, with large thick cocks patiently waiting to ram their behemoth cocks up his ass. Now he began wondering if he could take either of them up his butt!