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’’ I'm so exited for my new job. I'm supposed to write until I can't write no more, but luckily I will have a co-worker to help me with that. I cross my fingers that my co-worker will be a stunning lesbian or bisexual woman, but I've never been lucky enough in my life. Nervous as hell, I walk into the office that i'm gonna be spending most of my time with. I notice that half of the room is personalized with what I thought of as stupendous taste. I sit down in whats apparently my chair, and make myself comfortable. I start unpacking, pinching in a bit of my own taste in the room. After about 20 minutes i'm done, and quite tired of pinning things on the wall. I look at my co-workers computer, noticing that the screensaver was on. Curious, I walk towards the computer and snoop around a bit. As soon as I move the mouse, I see some of the most erotic words on the screen. It seems to of been a lesbian story, and my heart lit up at the sight. Afraid of getting caught, I go back to my chair and wait with patience. 10 minutes later I hear a knock on the door.

"Is anyone in there? I forgot my key!" said the voice. It was a woman. A woman with one of the sexiest voices i've ever heard.
"Yeah! Hold on", I say as I rise to my /feet/">feet and open the door.

There I am, staring at the most beautiful creation i've ever seen. This woman was maybe an inch shorter than me, 5'6 I'd say, and had the most amazing green eyes. Her hair was a creamy brown, with a purple streak around her perfect bangs. She had the cutest little nose, and the most kissable lips i've laid eyes on. Her body was quite the sight, too. She had what I guessed were B sized cups, and an ass to die for.
Noticing that I was bokep sma pecah perawan checking her out in a much too obvious tone, I smiled at her and hugged her.

"Hi, I'm Stefanie. This is my first day here, i'm happy to have such a beautiful partner!", she old waman xxxgx said.
"Umm..Hello. I'm Jane. Thanks, but I honestly think your very much /gorgeous/">gorgeous yourself.." I said, stumbling on my words, feeling the heat rise to my face.
She walked on to her desk, and moved her mouse accidentally with her elbow. She noticed the lesbian story on the screen and quickly crossed out the page. I noticed her beautiful face blushing in a rosy shade of pink.
"You didn't see that, did you?
"See what?
"Nevermind", she said.
"I want get some things straight with you, sorry if it's a little too fast." she continued..
"I /love/love-women/">love women, I always have. If that bothers you in any way, please tell me."
"Huh? No way! I'm homosexual, too!"-I said, feeling silly at my tone.
"I'm so relieved. I would hate the thought of working with such a beautiful woman and not being able to have her.."she quietly said.

I was way too shocked to say anything. Such a sexy woman actually had a crush on me?

Stefanie rose up to me, and put her hands on my face. Her hands were so soft.. She then smiled at me and leaned in for a kiss. I was so nervous, but some how I managed to not mess up in any way. I kissed her back for what seemed like hours. Her hands were exploring my body, as mine were to hers. I took off her shirt, breaking the kiss with a slight bite on her lower lip. I have never had sex before, but I knew what to do. I kissed her cheeks, went down to her neck, and arrived to the middle of her chest. I gentley sucked on the visible part of her breast while taking off her bra. Her breasts defied gravity, they were I couldn't help myself, and I started sucking on her nipple and putting my hand down her pants. She let me start off, already having me half naked. After hearing her slight moans of pleasure, I moved down to her tummy and kissed, sucked, and licked it. Her tummy was perfectly flat, with a golden tan that was so attractive. She then grabbed my hand and led me to her desk. I sat on it, for I could see it in her eyes that she wanted a bit of action.

Considering I was already half naked. she just ripped off the rest of my clothes. She stared at my body with warm, loving eyes and proceeded to kissing every visible part of it. I could feel myself getting soaking wet, enjoying the attention. She smelled so good, i just wanted to eat her up :). I couldn't resist it any longer, so I switched our positions and took off the remainder of her clothes. I immediately went down to her mound, kissing it. She was perfectly shaved, and so smooth.. I couldn't stop paying attention to her pussy. I kissed her outer lips, her inner thighs, her legs, her feet, and then went back up to her clit. I licked her pink pussy once, enjoying the taste. She moaned in /ecstasy/">ecstasy, shoving my head in her pussy. I traced the ABC's sofly on her clit, and then put 2 fingers inside of her. Licking and /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking her at the same time, it didn't take long for her to have an amazing orgasm. She moaned so loud.. I had to kiss her to quiet her down. Not that I complained x).

The rest is for your mind to finish ;]. Have fun.