A Good Morning

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
A Good Morning

I wake up with her hands running all over my back, she slides her hands down my back with her nails digging into the skin. Further down my back, she reaches my bum where she lightly starts smaking and squeezing, then she brings her hands around my body sliding up from my stomach to my chest. We kiss as i begin to explore her beautiful body with my hands, over her back through her hair, down to her butt, squeezing it & moving further down her long legs.

As I begin to nibble and lick my ears and proceeds to kiss down her neck across her shoulders her soft hand snakes it way down my chest, over my stomach, where she finds my waiting for her. She then pushes me onto my back, climbing on top of me kissing her way down my body.

Teasing me, she blows air on my cock making it quiver, licking and kissing all around it & my inner thigh. She engulfs my cock, rubbing my balls & her nails down my chest. Stoping briefly, she slides my cock between her & I begins to fuck her boobs.

Going back to sucking me, she woking my dick til I am close to comming, she stops before I explode in her mouth. I roll her onto her back where I kiss down her neck, across her collar bone, down her arms, across her flat toned stomach dwon the outside of your leg & then up the inside.

Licking & blowning air on your & clit I tease you like you teased me. I then lick down and up your other leg. Working my way up you body I start to lightly rub ur boobs, licking the underside of your breast & all around them, giving your nipples a lick and nibble, while my hands simultanously rub or beautiful chest. The whole time you are moaning in pleasuring not wanting me to stop.

I slide my hand down your sexy body, taking my time enjoying the feel of your soft silk like skin. Rubbing the inside of you leg I ask you if your enjoying it & want more. You moan as I lightly rub up & down your wet pussy, ocassionly touching your clit.

I kept rubbing you pussy, you getting wetter with every stroke, moving up & dowin & in circles on you Swollen clit the whole time sucking on you boobs. I then bite your nipple as i slide 2 fingers in your tight pusssy.

I slowly start getting faster & faster fingering & rubing you.As you get close i slow down & start kissing down ur body to your tasty pussy where my tounge travels the lenght of you pussy. As i finger you & lick you clit the pleasur is too much and you cum.

As I lay next to you, you grab my sill hard dick & tell me you want me inside you.

I tease you by placing the head of my cock along your pussy and just slide my head in a& out of you. I slide slowly into your hot, and begin pumping.

Getting faster & deeper, i reach under you & lift you off the bed as you wrap you legs around me. You then roll me over while still inside you & bounce on my cock, all the while im running my hands over you bum, stomach and your boobs as you dig your nails into my chest.

I get you to turn around & face the other way as i sit up with you in my lap so I can reach around from behind you & real forced anal against her will rub your clit. We both are gting close to , so i bend you over and thrust as deep as i can.

Thrusting deeper and faster as you rub your clit, while I smack you butt and reach around rubbing xnxxv sunny leone video your boobs. I feel you getting tight around my dick as we both come at the same time, you screaming out as you cum.

Exhaustd we collapse on the bed, where with both fall asleep. I wake up in an empty bed & i hear the shower running, i roll out of bed & make my way to the shower. I open the door to see you soaping yourself up and the water running over your beautiful body.

While watching you for a bit, you turn around to see me standing in there doorway watching you. You ask if im enjoying the view and i i would like to help wash your back. After commenting that the view is outstanding and i would be happy to help you wash, you grab me by the back of my neck pulling my into a long deep kiss while the water cascades over our bodies...

To Be Continued...