Jessica and Faith

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Jessica and Faith

At the time me and Faith were both 14. We were pretty simmilar
in looks except she was slightly taller than me. We had known each
other since we were about 3 years old. When I was about 8 or 9 I
realized how attracted I was to her and that I loved her, but I
just couldnt work up the courage to act on it. This is the story
of the day that we became more than just good friends.

"AAHHHHH!! Why wont school just end! I wanna go home for
the weekend!

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Faith said, "Hey, you wanna
come over after school?"

"Yeah sure, Id love to."

Then she said,"My parents wont be home this weekend."

Wait a minute, Why did she make a point of saying that?
Faith had been acting a bit strange recently, maybe her? we jokingly flirt with each other all the time. I could
pretend it was just a joke if I thought she didnt like what I
was doing.
So I put my hand on her thigh, and to my suprise she put her
hand on mine and smiled at me.

So then I nervously asked, "So w-what do you want to do

"We could watch a film or something." she replied.

Then the bell rang so we packed up our stuff and started
walking to Faiths house.

"So what kind of film do you have in mind?"

"Hmmm, a chick flick." she replied.

There was something in her voice when she said that but all
I could think about was how boring it would be.
Faith must porn videos download have seen the disappointment in my face or something
because she said reasuringly;
"Dont worry, its good, I bet youll like it." and laughed.

When we got to her house we went straight upstairs to her

"Hold on a sec, I need to get changed. I hate these uniforms."
she said while fanticly trying to get it off.

Before I could leave Faith had already stipped compleatly
naked, which was weird because even though we had been best
friends for ages Id never seen her naked. Oh my god she was so
beautiful. I almost came right there and then.

She jokingly asked, "You like what you see?" and started

Oh yeah! did I like what I saw, I had to cover my groin
because I was so wet I was dripping through my /underwear/">underwear.

She then threw on a white shirt and a black skirt, which was
not very exciting but damn did she look amazing in them.

"Oh yeah, I almost fogot about the film." she said while
diving under her bed, "Hold on, its here somewhere... here it

"Lets go watch it then, what is it anyway?" I asked.

"Youll have to wait and see." she said with a smile.

Faith was hiding it from me so I couldnt see what it was.
With that she dragged me downstairs, sat me down on the
couch while she closed the curtains and put the xxx tape in. She
sat down next to me and pressed play on the remote.

"Holy shit!" I screamed.
On the screen were two /women/">women doing a 69. Obviously she hadmeant something quite different than I expected by "chick flick".<%part%>

As I turned round to look at her she gave me a /kissing/soft-kiss/">soft kiss
on the lips. Seeing that I wasnt completely freaked out she
to kiss me again but I beat her to it, as I kissed her I
parted her lips an my tongue met hers.

I know for sure now, I love you Jess."

Ive loved you for so long, why couldnt we have done this

"I dunno Jess, You wanna go upstairs?"

"Yeah but Ive gotta phone my parents and tell them, I wont
be home tonight."

Faiths face lit up at the thought of me staying over night.

So I phoned My parents and then we went upstairs.
I pushed her over onto her bed then laid on top of her giving
her a deep and passionate kiss.

"I want you Jess."

I didnt need any more incentive, I slowly unbuttoned her
shirt as she took of her skirt revealing her hot, swollen
vagina. A beautuful musky smell filled the room that almost
made me cum.
Faith let out a soft moan as I kissed the inside of her thighs
slowly getting closer to her anxious vagina. I wanted to
tease her as much as I could so I kised and licked around it
making sure not to touch her now /hard/hard-clit/">hard clit. Faith was squirming
and shaking.

Come on Jess, I cant take it anymore!" she begged "Eat
me out PLEASE!"

Who am I to refuse her? I drove my tongue deep into her
/sweet/">sweet, /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and licked circles around her clit.

"Ohhhh Jess, your so good at this!"

I started to finger fuck her while licking an sucking
her clit. It wasnt long before she said;

Ohhhh Jess Im gonna cuuuuuum!!"

Even as she said it her first orgasm exploded in my mouth
and I happily lapped it all up, it was soo good but I
wasnt finished there, I started on her again and I wasnt
long until her legs began to shake and she came again and
again and again. Then with a mouth full of her sweet cum
I left her pussy and gave her a passionate kiss passing it
from my mouth to hers.

"Ohh its so good, I wanna lick you now."

We licked each other out for the next couple of hours
fell asleep in each others arms and soaked in each others cum.
Needless to say the next day was even better than that.