Chrissy Martinez Latina Stud

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Chrissy Martinez Latina Stud

Chrissy Martinez was supposed to be doing her Calculus homework, but
was daydreaming, as usual. The bright 18 year old high school senior
wasnt too concerned about completing the assignment as one would
think: she had seduced her Calculus /teacher/">teacher, Mrs. Dalton, a month
before , fucking her into submission (thats another story!) and had
her eating out of her hand. Gazing out her bedroom window, Chrissy
noticed her next door neighbor, Louise Parker, dragging a wheeled
trash-bin down her driveway. 

The sexy teen immediately perked-up:
Mrs. Dalton was quite busty, but Mrs. Parker was even more so; at
least a 44E cup, she guessed. Chrissy had slept with at least a dozen
/women/">women since her conquest of her teacher, all of them in their
thirties or forties and voluptuously-built, especially in the bust.
She figured this qualifed her as having a "/fetish/tit-fetish/">tit fetish." The Parkers
had three children, all of them out of the home; Mr. Parker was an
accountant in the city and his stay-at-home wife spent her time
volunteering in civic and church organizations. The Parkers had moved-
in only a few weeks ago, while Chrissy and her family were in Indiana
for her grandmothers funeral, and so this was the first chance shed
had a chance to get a really good look at her.

Her long indian santali xvideo hair was brown and shoulder length, framing a very pretty,
lightly made-up face. Chrissy was more interested in the area below
the neck. Louise wore a cream colored, button-front blouse, which was
straining under the weight of those heavy mammaries, and a black
skirt hiding her her womanly hips and ass. Shapley legs in smoke-
colored stockings carried her toward the curb, where she deposited
her trash for the next mornings pickup. Chrissy got an even better
look at her rear as she went back toward her front door: big and
round, just the way she liked em!

Chrissy went to her closet and dug through a box hidden way in the
back, retrieving one of the two strap-on dildos stored inside;
shucking-down her jeans, she quickly strapped it on, pulled her jeans
back alain lyle porn up, and raced down the stairs. She slipped-out the backdoor and
through her huge backyard, skirting the pool and lawn furniture. She
glanced around quickly, then hopped-over the low fence separating her
parents property and the Parkers unobserved. She crept-up to an
open window and peeked inside; the room was obviously a guest room,
and un-occupied. The horny teen struck paydirt at the next rear door:
Mrs. Parker was rinsing dishes at the kitchen sink, humming a hymn as
she worked. The running water covered Chrissys entrance, she was
able to creep-up behind the /wife/sexy-wife/">sexy wife, carefully unzipping her jeans
as she went, freeing the big, thick rubber dildo she wore to poke
through the opening. The bold redheaded vixen went right-up behind
the humming housewife sliding her hands up and around her, cupped a
mammoth tit in each hand while pressing her rampant /erection/">erection against
that big, /soft/soft-ass/">soft ass.

Louise squealed in /surprise/">surprise, releasing the dish she was holding,
shocked to be accosted in her own home, in the middle of the day, no

"J-J-Jack?" she stammered, is that you?"

"No, not Jack" Chrissy murmured, kissing the other womans soft
neck. "Chrissy."

"W-WW-Who the hell are you?" she demanded, "What are you doing in my

"Such language, for a bible-thumping Republican" the naughty high
school senior snickered,

giving the weighty mounds her hands held a salicious squeeze.

"Ta-take your hands off me!" Louise screeched, struggling in
Chrissys grasp. "Ohhh" she moaned, as the young womans knowing
hands kneaded her /big/big-breasts/">big breasts, her fingers plucking at the big,
sensitive nipples.

"Do, you really want me to?" Chrissy whispered, nuzzling Louises
throat and continuing to play with her hardening nipples.

"I-I" Mrs. Parker began, then, "Ahhh!" as the combination of the
other womans fondling of her breasts, kissing of her throat, and
something, big and hard, poking at her bottom (what in the world!?)
caused a bolt of lust to knife through her like a sword.

"What are you doing to me?" she whimpered, as her cunt began to
moisten. What was happening to her? She wasnt a lesbian!

"Im playing with your big titty-jugs" Chrissy replied. "Your nipples
are trying to bust through your bra and blouse, so I guess you like
it," she teased.

"Please" she groaned, her breathing ragged.

"Please, what, darling?"

"Youre a WOMAN!" the distraught housewife wailed. She raised shaking
hands to try to push the red-heads hands away; Chrissy easily
brushed them aside and continued pleasuring the womans huge mounds.

"I can smell your cunt" the high school student hissed, "So I know
this making you hot, little wifey. Im going to fuck you like youve
never been fucked before."

"But, b-but how?"

"Feel this?" Chrissy pressed her strap on into the crease of Louises
sumptuous ass.

"Thats not a..a.." the confused wife stammered, almost turned-on
beyond belief.